Product Management Experience

Product Management

Experienced product manager, user advocate, and writer in enterprise software, routing, and security industries. High emotional intelligence, relationship builder, silo breaker, and excellent at delegating. Strong people motivator, effective lay-leader through three acquisitions, and founder of several successful small businesses in consulting, childcare, and arts. Technical and strategic.

Strengths: Passionate about user experience, seamless design, and process; naturally curious, relationship-builder; collaborator; expert writer, communicator, and delegator; motivated; technical; strategic, inside and across cross-functional teams.

Creating Infrastructure

Information Architecture | Building Documentation | Publication Systems | Building Teams ● Creating Infrastructure

● Expert in building high-quality, efficient, balanced teams and processes, delegating responsibilities, managing, and growing writers.

● Designed two help systems for startups and integrated into an additional three. Created and maintained the style guides, processes, automation, and publishing systems around them, including designing the pipeline, choosing authoring tools, page and article size, depth and design, back-end information architecture, github repo structure and branching strategy, integration of analytics tools, and publication output. All considering the optimal user experience, writer efficiency, scalability, localization, and future contribution.