Writing Samples

Summary of Experience

● Expert in planning, writing, and publishing all types of documentation (manuals, web pages, release notes, software bugs, API docs) from conception to completion in all formats in line with changing business goals through acquisitions and churn.

● Creating processes, implementing tools, and generally optimizing a user’s experience with product documentation.

● Experienced in implementing cutting-edge tools and technologies for technical writing, including machine learning, topic-based authoring, Markdown, XML authoring, DITA, and DocBook in various source-control/CCMS systems.

● Publishing documentation in multiple formats (HTML, CHM, PDF, print) using multiple tools (Oxygen, Vasont, Adobe Framemaker, Arbortext Epic, Clearcase, Astoria, XMetal, Microsoft, etc.) and formats (Markdown, DITA, DocBook, and XML)

Incorta Product Documentation Site

I started this site from scratch, including optimizing the workflow and file structure for growth and localization, organizing all content, converting all content from PDF to Markdown, creating a git repo and build flow for publishing, a staging site, and creating a style guide and process documentation on how to update, use, and publish to the site. Site was implemented, at my direction, by a global team.

LiveFyre/Adobe Product Documentation

● I inherited this doc set from another writer. Then, any additional content was 100% originally written by me. I did not work from specs. I did not work from any existing content.

● I developed it by reading through Jira tickets, PRDs, wiki pages, and usually a brief meeting with product managers, CSMs, or developers to verify that my understanding was correct.

● There was no editor for this content besides me and any technical reviewers who may have caught a spelling or spacing error, at maximum.

● I wrote, organized, maintained, and updated this entire doc set by myself (and migrated the content to two separate platforms, twice.

Redback Ericsson Network Routing Documentation

● I wrote about 70% of the content. Among other things, I wrote anything inside a table.

● This is original writing, not revised content.

● I worked from error messages in the Command Line interface for the router, some specs, and general investigation by asking SMEs (engineers, PMs, and QEs for additional information).

● Minimal editing by a tech editor (Again, I unfortunately do not recall details. I recall we had technical editors, but many of them had left before this manual was written, so I cannot remember if they or anyone else edited it).

● I typically obtained code samples from engineers who would work with me to explain what the samples were so I could fill in any additional information in the description text.

● This was the first manual completely owned by me – I read the specs, planned it, and wrote it with very little input (mainly formatting and some technical questions). It was one of the first books Ericsson published in XML (previously, all books were in Framemaker). I already had extensive experience with XML so I was able to create it fast, beating the deadline by about 2 weeks.

Here is an example of highly technical content that I wrote...